APRIL 22-24 2011, LOBO/TX

Now we can look back at a beautiful easter weekend in the West Texan Desert -
this year's Desert Dust Cinema days are over, and here's a very short clip that hopefully gives an impression of the whole thing. Thanks to all artists for taking part with their great works, and thanks to all our guests for stopping by (some of them coming a long way...)

The Desert Dust Cinema will take place in Lobo/Tx every year, so we hope to see you all again soon!

Please click the image below to watch some of our memories of DDC 2011 - thanks a lot to our friend Tom Michael of Marfa Public Radio for having us as guests in his show.


Desert Dust Cinema is a three-day, nonprofit film festival organized by a few of the denizens of Lobo, TX. Lobo is located on US Hwy 90, 16 miles south of I-10 exit 140 (Van Horn). This year, the festival will take place from Friday, April 22nd to Sunday, April 24th and at regular intervals in the coming years.

A few words about Lobo:
Lobo is a very small desert town in west Texas that was abandoned by its last residents in 1991. Ten years later, three desert-loving individuals and some of their friends started the process of rebuilding the former ghost town. Along with the work of reclaiming the houses, the motel (and its great pool), the town hall and the former gas station, their goal was to make Lobo a meeting place for all the people in the area. During the last few years, several nonprofit art, music, and just hang-around-in-the-sun related events took place that are still fondly remembered by its participants.

During the three days of the Desert Dust Cinema Festival, our small town wants to create a unique atmosphere for anyone interested in today's wide range of short films. Of course, Lobo does not have what others may call a typical cinema venue, but we will do our best to make this location and the festival a special one.

The program includes about 30 international short films in a variety of styles. Our selection spans animations, stop motion, music videos and experimental shorts to motion graphics. Most of the material that will be shown was created during the last two years. Due to the length of the whole material, the clips will be shown in separate programs:

Friday April 22 - Program 1 (approx 75 min)
Saturday April 23 - Program 2
(approx 75 min)
Sunday April 24 - Program 1&2

All screenings will take place in the area of the former Lobo gas station. Depending on the weather it will be either open air or indoors. There is no cover charge. Please bring your own chairs.

Hope to see you around!
Axel Roessler .. for the Desert Dust Cinema

How to get there and general information about Lobo:

Please keep in mind that Lobo is still a town without the usual comfort standards, and there won't be anything for sale - so feel free to bring your food and drinks.

SCREENING PROGRAM (in progress):

For those of you who by now did not watch the snapshots on our Lobo photo set (see menue above), here are a few impressions of this small town in the beautiful West Texas area: